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Our Story

The founder of Folona is a conscientious food scientist, health-focused entrepreneur, scientific blogger, recreational cook, wife of a loving husband, mother of a sweet baby girl, and a nature-loving introvert. She has a B.S degree in Biology/physiology and M.S. Degree in Food Science. Feeling indignant about the profit-driven philosophy of conglomerate companies, she created Folona and quit her 9 to 5 job after almost a decade long working as a Food Scientist in the Food Industry. Utilizing her expertise in the science of commercial food processing, the founder of Folona wanted to create a line of food and dietary supplements that she has the confidence in first and foremost nourishing her family before serving the general public. 

Every single product of Folona is the work of months or years long of  research, trials and errors. With Quality as the foundation and cutting-edge Technology as our building block, Folona puts pride in every single product we deliver to our customers’ hands. If you are not satisfied with our product for any reasons, please always feel free to contact us at We promise to make things right for you. By using Folona products, you are joining our big family. Family feeds you with the best quality of food.